The gentle breeze that stirs their crown
Flows from the storm that lays them down
Oh may we fight
And may we waltz
And may we find harmony
Like wind and trees


Iran. yeah. you might have heard its name on the news. But have you ever heard of the Iranian people and what has been going on with them in 40 years‘ time ruling the Islamic regime?

Well, let me tell you.

People are deprived of their most basic rights. Yes.

Women should wear compulsory hijab. and not only that. There is a dress code. on the streets! yes. If someone does not comply with those strict rules, they would be arrested by the morality police. and do not think that the morality police is the police to bring peace and order to people. no. They are merciless. ruthless. They enjoy humiliating women and beating them to death. yes. Jina Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl, has recently been beaten to death. Just because she was not covering her hair completely.

People started protesting in Iran on September 15th. Every day. We chant “Women, Life, Freedom” on the streets, and people show their despise of the Islamic regime. Yeah. In the most misogynistic area of the world “middle east’’ people are raising their voices and chanting for their women’s rights. The Islamic regime is not holding back though. They are shooting at protestors on the streets and killing them. Hadis Najafi was a 23-year-old girl who got shot 6 bullets on her head and neck just because she wanted freedom.

Lecce, Italy – October 7, 2022: Demonstration in Piazza Sant‘ Oronzo, a sign hanging on the shoulders of a woman with photographs of Masha Amini victim of the Iranian regime. ©Shutterstock

It takes a whole book to mention all the people who have been killed on the streets by islamic regime’s police force. But since September 15th, they have killed Nika Shakarami and Sarina Esmaeilzadeh who both were just 16 years old.

Nika Shakarami was protesting with her friends in Keshavarz blvd. in Tehran on Sept. 20th and then she went missing that night.  In her last known communication, she told her friends that she was being chased by security forces. Then her phone was turned off and her Telegram and Instagram accounts were deleted. She was missing for 10 days. Then her family found her dead body at a morgue in a local detention center. Her nose had been completely smashed in, her skull broken from multiple blows. the IRGC and IRIB tried to claim that she died after „falling from a great height.“ Her family was then pressured by the authorities to not hold a funeral ceremony and bury her in silence. Despite being forced into agreeing, the authorities then stole her body and buried her 40km away in order to avoid publicity and suppress further protest.

She was buried on what would’ve been her 17th birthday. This story is horrific. She was just 16 years old.

Also, Sarina was killed by Iranian’s police force on the streets because of the numerous strokes to her head using a baton. She had lost her father when she was just a child so it was a great grief for her mother. Her mother attempted suicide a few days after her death. her current situation is unknown.

They arrested many university students just because they participated in the protests.  They also started shooting and arresting students at the University of sharif and The University of Tehran. The police force locked students up in the university and then arrested them all. Despite all that, my brave brothers and sisters are still protesting with empty hands on the streets even though they know their life is at risk, and they are demanding that the Islamic regime should be gone from our country. We despise Mullahs. and we want them out.

But, let me tell you about how hard things have been for the Iranian people all these years.

– It’s been 40 years that Islamic regime is shutting people down and oppressing them.
– Iranian Women are not allowed in stadiums to cheer for their favorite football teams. FIFA knows it. and still does nothing.
– Iranian women are not allowed to sing. We do not have female Iranian singers who live in Iran. they all had to flee the country.
– Iranian women inherit half of the men.
– Their husbands can ban them from travelling abroad.
– Iranian athletes are not allowed to do a match with Israeli athletes. if they somehow needed to confront each other, the Iranian part must leave the match.
– There are no LGBTQ+ rights in Iran. If any of the officials notice someone is gay, that person could get the death penalty for their sexuality. Iran’s president has denied LBGTQ people’s existence in a UN Speech.
– The unemployment rate in Iran is almost 100 % and most students are looking for a way out.
– Poverty has taken root in Iranian people’s lives. The inflation rate is a headache. Young people can not afford to buy their most basic needs. Buying a house or a car is a dream for Iranian youth.
– Free Journalism and talking against the regime and their beliefs are considered a crime and they arrest journalists and professors and basically anyone who is criticizing and informing people of their crimes.

And now people are rising and they want this oppression to end. The Islamic regime killed 1500 people on the streets in November of 2018. And no one knows about it. Because they have shut down the internet for two weeks and there was no news coverage. They are doing it again. They shut down the internet for almost a week now. But there are ways to access free internet for Iranian people via VPNs.

Help Iranian people. Be their voice.

7th of October 2022